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Brooklyn Nets clinch playoff spot

Yo Brooklyn!  

Part of an article by Howard Beck of the New York Times Below

Published: March 22, 2013

Upon seeing his team clinch its first playoff berth in six years,Mikhail D. Prokhorov celebrated with the verbal equivalent of a Champagne shower.  

But then, the swaggering Prokhorov has set the bar much higher. Upon buying the team in 2010, he vowed to win a championship within five years. He reiterated that goal last fall and set a specific objective for this season: to make the Eastern Conference finals.

If a playoff berth is worth a news release, one can only imagine what Prokhorov might do if the Nets made it that far.

“We have a lot of talent, which is really coming together now and starting to jell,” Prokhorov said Friday. “I am confident that the team’s best days on the court are still ahead.”  

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